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ZwingerZ is a global network expressly designed to help liberal couples expand their experiences and with the maximum possible discretion. It is perfect to meet new couples, men and women from the swinger world.


Many times you hear about swingers. It is an option that many couples take in our environment, even for many it is a lifestyle.

Normally, it is carried out in a discreet way by the taboos that our current society still has on the exchange of a partner or open relationships. The shame of what they will say but at the same time the excitement for an adventure outside the relationship lead us to meet swinger couples.

What does it mean to be a swinger?

First of all, keep in mind that it is not necessary for a couple or marriage to exchange sexual pleasures with another, but there are different variants. It can be with another couple, in a trio, just with caresses or with others looking at the couple’s own relationship. Each couple decides how far the relationship leads or not, always by mutual agreement between the two and the third parties involved, with the utmost respect for the limits previously established between those who participate in that sexual encounter.

This activity may be in public or private spaces and there are also a multitude of places of this type where you can meet other people or couples with whom to practice such relationships. In the latter case, relationships between two men are usually prohibited, whereas between two women they are allowed. This type of intimate game, among the various modalities, would be the well-known blizz, understood as couples who decide to go to a club in order for the woman to have relationships or play with another woman and the men to watch.

As we mentioned previously, penetration is not necessary within an agreement between swingers couples or open relationships. We can find people who like to watch while we have sex with our own partner, couples who like to have relationships while watching another couple have them, others who prefer caresses or those who do want penetrative sex with a stranger.

The maturity of the couple’s relationship.

Let us be aware that it is not a fantasy, which many couples can have, but that it is something that we are bringing to reality, and that therefore it may have negative consequences if we are not mentally prepared for what it entails. You have to know that it may not be what we expect, that the imposed limits may not be valid, or even that one of the two does not accept the situation. It must be something previously discussed between the two, agreed and well thought out.

The most frequent consequence in this type of situation is jealousy, as a result of one of the two not feeling so integrated or valued in the situation, so it is necessary to take distance if things are not turning out as expected. I repeat that one thing is fantasy and another to believe that the only thing your partner wants is to maintain relationships with other people and not with you, or that he even needs it to maintain the relationship itself.

Perhaps you are considering trying and have doubts, and one of the first questions that surrounds you is “What if he likes what they do to him more than what he has with me?”. In that case you must be very clear about part and part that it is an adventure, a sexual game where the objective is to enjoy, not to have a sentimental implication as is your case as a stable couple. In the same way, there should be no problem for either of you to orgasm. It’s about enjoying, trying new things with people we don’t know and who don’t know what we like. That’s the fun!

What rules are necessary?

The rules are simple. You must maintain the previously established limits at all times and respect what has been discussed with the couple, never participating in these activities alone or without the consent of the other part of the couple. Breaking the rules and not respecting one’s own limits or those of third parties will imply the end of the relationship and the end of said meeting. If one is the third party, he must wait to be explicitly invited into the relationship.

The main rules that we must be clear about to avoid having emotional repercussions later are:

  • Be clear about the possible pros and cons that we can find when assuming this type of relationship.
  • Perform the sexual act as long as our partner is in favor. Doing it secretly can have very negative effects.
  • Enjoy but do not bond emotionally at any time.
  • Always use condoms.

If all this is clear and present and if the couple or person decides that they want to participate in it, they can look for places or people who want to share those situations, finally seeking to have all the best possible time.

Thank you Jaume Guinot on behalf of ZwingerZ.